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We are a boutique law firm located in Texas and Washington, offering Estate Planning, Probate and Elder Law for Individuals and Families, plus Business and Commercial legal solutions for growth companies.

Call us for a FREE telephone consultation with our Office Manager to determine if your situation is one for which we can provide valuable legal services. When you call our office you will be sent straight to our voice mail to protect your confidentiality and to be sure that each caller recieves our personal attention. Our Office Manager will return your call ASAP. Contact us.

Paul Premack, JD, CELA

    Paul Premack, JD, CELA, is based in San Antonio, Texas. Paul is a Certified Elder Law Attorney through the National Elder Law Foundation as accredited by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and the ABA. His San Antonio area practice encompasses estate planning for individuals, couples and families of all ages, probate to assist surviving heirs when a family member dies, and elder law to assist clients with specific legal challenges. More about Paul Premack...

Benjamin Premack, JD, MIA

    Benjamin Premack, JD, MIA, is based in Bellevue, Washington. Benjamin is licensed in both Washington and Colorado. His practice encompasses estate planning for traditional and non-traditional family structures, probate, Pet Trusts, and legal counsel to emerging economic sectors and multimillion dollar established businesses. More about Benjamin Premack...

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The Senior Texan Legal Guide (edition 7)

    Paul Premack's Senior Texan Legal Guide is now in its 7th Edition. Click to discover more about this enlightening and useful guide to everything a Senior (or their family) needs to know about Texas Elder Law.

    The Guide is available on and


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