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Mrs. R.S. Premack, Office Manager

Mrs. Premack earned her BA in Organizational Communication and Business Management from the University of Texas at Austin in 1981. Prior to working in her current role (since 1983) as Office Manager at The Premack Law Office, she worked as Personnel Director for a major US retailer. She has been happily married to Paul Premack since 1981, and is the mother of Tiffany Premack (BS, State University of New York at Albany, 2007) and Benjamin Premack (BA & BS, Northeastern University, MIA and JD, Pennsylvania State University, 2013).

Mrs. Premack is an award-winning visual artist. Her work is on display in a variety of locations around the United States and has been in Galleries in New York, Nebraska, Colorado and Osaka, Japan.  To visit the online museum of her art, click here.

In October 1990, Mrs. Premack received the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation award from the U.S. House of Representative and the George H. W. Bush White House for her leadership in bringing Curbside Recycling Pickup to San Antonio. She started her recycling journey in the early 1980’s while managing this law firm and raising two children. Her recycling efforts in the home and office inspired a vision of city-wide recycling. She formed a group called Citizens for Curbside Recycling Pickup and through five years of constant effort convinced the city council to implement curbside recycling pickup. Now, San Antonio has the largest curbside recycling program in Texas.

An early adapter of energy efficient technologies, Mrs. Premack converted the family car to electric power in the early 1990’s, a first for a full size car with air conditioning and air bags. She encouraged the family to adopt Toyota’s first generation Prius, and now drives a fully electric Nissan Leaf.

  • Received the George Washington Honor Medal from the Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge.
  • Honored as San Antonio “Light” Newspaper’s Sunday Woman. Received the first NCJW Community Service Award.
  • Initiated a program that has planted thousands of trees in the U.S. and Mexico through American Forests and other non-profit organizations.

Mrs. Premack initiated a program that has planted thousands of trees in the US and Mexico through American Forests and other non-profit organizations. 

After visiting the McDonald Observatory, Mrs. Premack became aware of the problem of light pollution. She became the local coordinator for the International Dark Sky Association, and after years of effort helped pass the Texas Dark Sky law. She also led the law office to sponsor a Dark Sky educational initiative at the McDonald Observatory (see "Our Community Initiatives"). Today many more stars are visible in the cities, and the picture improves yearly.


Certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader by the Madan Kataria Laughter Yoga Institute in India (her certification was awarded at a program in California). She has led free Laughter Yoga sessions in San Antonio since June, 2012. The Express-News ran an article in November 2012 about the program.