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Guide for Preparing for your appointment with Premack

Now that the day and time of your appointment has been coordinated on the phone between you and our Office Manager, there are four topics we need to cover:

Topic 1: Your details

Premack wants you to be prepared for your appointment. He needs complete information to best serve you. Also, knowing this information helps show you have legal capacity to meet with the attorney about your estate planning, as required by Texas law. Please have this information:

A - Current value of your assets. Please make a list of accounts with balances, real property, life insurance, IRAs, other retirement accounts, business interests, mineral rights, automobiles, stocks, bonds, etc. We need the approximate value and the name of banks and brokerages, and how they are held (one name, two names, with survivorship, etc.)

B - Current amount of your monthly income.

C - Current amount of your debts.

If you want a convenient way to organize all of that information and more, you can download our free Estate Planning Information Guide by clicking here. It is a PDF which you can print and use. 

D - Bring photocopies of any existing legal documents pertaining to your estate. This might include the deed to your home, any other properties, business interests, oil interests, long term care insurance, funeral plans - and any existing Trust, Will, Power of Attorney, etc. Think of this as an opportunity to get organized!

E - Consider who will be serving in the different positions  for your estate planning. Please bring in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS the correct spelling of each person's name, address, email, & phone numbers.

1 - Who will be the Executor in your Will? Who will be two successor executors if the first choice cannot serve?

2 - Who will be the Beneficiaries of your estate? Family? Friends? Organizations? Charities? Always think about your "Plan A" and then a "Plan B" in case circumstances change.

3 - Who would you choose to be Agent and make your financial or medical decisions? Who will be two successor agents if the first choice cannot serve?

4 - If it is determined that a Living Trust is a solution to your goals, who would you choose to be your Trustee, and two successor Trustees if your first choice cannot serve? Premack will not write documents for people when the documents are not needed, but wants you to explore all your options.

F - Bring your List of Questions, if you have any, about your situation and goals.

G - Bring your calendar to the appointment. It will be used to make a signing appointment (his goal) or to make a second consultation (if you need more time and input to help you make decisions).

Topic 2: Fees

Texas new client consultation fee is $380. Washington new client consultation fee is $250. Each consult will go up to 1 hour. If you need a follow-up consultation, the Texas fee is $330 and the Washington fee is $200. If you buy our current eBook THINKING BEYOND TOMORROW, let us know and we will credit the cost of the ebook ($10) to the cost of the initial consultation. At your consult, the Attorney will discuss any further document preparation fees once he knows what legal documents you need. He will give you a written fee agreement (Limited Engagement Agreement) setting out flat fees for those documents. He likes to quote flat fees so you know exactly what you are spending. Our Reschedule Policy is on our website.

Topic 3: Our location

Our Texas location is 8031 Broadway, San Antonio, TX. 78209. Click for a map. For security, we keep our doors locked. There is a bell and a knocker on the door. When we are expecting someone, like you, for a scheduled appointment we will greet you when you ring the bell or knock.  

Our Washington location is Lincoln Square, South Tower - 5th Floor, 10400 NE 4th Street, Bellevue, WA 98004. The building is at the corner of Bellevue Way and NE 4th Street. Paid parking is available under the building, and free parking is available across the street at Bellevue Square. Follow the signs for "Office Elevators" and take them to the 5th Floor. When you arrive, feel free to help yourself to a drink and the reception staff will let the Attorney know that you have arrived.

Topic 4: Legal issues you need to understand

For Spouses: Spouses have the right to each select different lawyers. Regardless, spouses may ask Premack to represent them jointly, may consent to dual representation, and may waive any conflicts of interest which may result. Spouses understand that communications and information Premack receives may be shared by Premack with either spouse.

Support: You may request that other people attend your consultation to assist with communication and provide information. Attorneys are required to preserve the confidentiality of discussions with clients. If you allow other people to participate, you understand that attorney-client confidentiality may be waived.

Incapacity: If in the future you become unable to make adequately considered decisions about legal matters, whether because of mental incapacity or for other reasons:

  • Premack can continue to represent you subject to any Limited Engagement Agreement we've signed;
  • Premack may communicate with your Agent and may rely on instructions from your Agent;
  • Premack may disclose to your Agent information that is relevant and necessary to allow your Agent to make informed decisions on your behalf, including but not limited to information otherwise protected by the attorney-client privilege; and
  • Premack may refuse to act upon the instructions of your Agent if Premack reasonably concludes the Agent does not have authority to act on your behalf, or if Premack reasonably concludes the Agent is not acting in your best interests or in furtherance of your objectives as Premack understands them.

We Look forward to meeting with you!