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Can Paul Premack or Benjamin Premack speak to my group?

We make legal presentations to professional and community groups on a variety of legal topics. If you want Paul or Benjamin to discuss specific legal issues, please ask when you call the office. Your group may be interested in a presentation on:

  • Wills & Trusts
  • Business Formation
  • Family Support Systems
  • How to Avoid Probate
  • How to go through Probate quickly
  • How to protect assets if you need nursing home care
  • What happens if you become disabled?
  • How to plan for financial management if you might become disabled
  • What are your medical care options?
  • How Advance Medical Directives work

We may donate our time and expertise when the group is a non-profit organization. Call us to ask about your options. If your group would like to invite Paul or Benjamin to speak, call us and leave a voicemail. We'll return your call to discuss whether we are available on your date and to clarify the location and the size of the group you expect.

Call 210-826-1122 regarding speaking engagements in the San Antonio area
Call 206-735-9688 regarding speaking engagements in the
Seattle area