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The Senior Texan Legal Guide (ed. 7)

If you are a Senior…
If you care for a Senior...
Since you're going to be a Senior…
You need this book!

The Senior Texan Legal Guide has legal information, resources and analysis that cannot be found anywhere else.

The Guide is packed with legal information and planning strategies. It has many live links to Internet resources, and covers all you need to know about Texas Elder Law! It is available only as an eBook.

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The Guide Answers your Questions about:

  • Estate Planning - Wills, Living Trusts, Survivorship Rights and avoiding Probate
  • Laws protecting Seniors
  • Texas VA Benefits
  • Planning for and managing your medical care
  • Life Support Issues under Texas Law
  • Planning for and managing your finances
  • Protecting your Assets and your home
  • Family and Marital Property Issue
  • Minimizing Federal Estate Taxes
  • Taking action when a loved one dies
  • Settling an Estate and being an Executor

You do not need to own the Kindle or Nook hardware. Instead, you can simply download the free Kindle or Nook software to your existing computer or phone, or read the Guide right inside your browser without downloading any software at all. Of course, if you own a Nook or Kindle reader, you can read the Guide there, too. 

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